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Planning a trip to Brazil isn’t an easy task, right?


Dealing with seasonality is tricky, being a large country there are many different cultures, ecosystems and destinations that offer amazing nature and beach landscapes, but how to choose among so many options?


That’s why we are launching a brand new section to our website. :)

         r3          r5

Answer a few quick questions and the website will  give you many different sample itineraries based on your replies.

This can be a fun and practical tool for a next trip in the country or to recommend to friends and family.


Follow the link, explore our travel suggestions and get the inspiration you need to organize your visit to Brazil.

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:: (a) Brasil | Adventure | Brazil - North Region | Insider | Nature

We are very proud to announce our Amazon Guide with helpful information and curiosities for a truly unique immersion.


Downloading our guide you’ll capture the insider knowledge on how to plan such a complex trip, where to go, what time of year to visit and the most exclusive destinations and activities.


It also has full resources you’ll also find intel on climate, cuisine, health & safety, travelling with kids and much more.

a2         Hyacinth Macaws (Anodorhynchus hyacinthinus) at the Nashville Zoo at Grassmere

Chartering a private yacht is certainly the best way to escape the areas that are visited all too frequently by hotel guests and fixed departure cruises.


Contact us to check our renewed yachts portfolio that can be chartered exclusively for your party, which means we can tailor the itinerary and staff on board according to your interests, style and the composition of your group.

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Imagine being able to combine culture and history, with a beautiful bay filled with island and virgin beaches?

This is what Paraty can offer, and chartering a sail boat is the perfect way to enjoy this to the fullest.


Set in one of the most stunning stretches of the Brazilian coastline, backed by rainforest clad mountains on one side and locked-in by the sea on another.

             p2           p3

Paraty’s colourful colonial architecture references back to its important role as a main port for gold export from Brazil to Europe. It has a vibrant culture and nightlife, great local shopping, waterfalls and a bay filled with islands and virgin beaches which are best explored by chartering a sailing boat.


Can you imagine gather some of your best friends or family and sail around pristine beaches with all comfort and the liberty to do the trip as you please?


One of our favorites is a Lipari 41, a modern catamaran, with wide open decks, excellent panoramic visibility and a cockpit with seating for eight at the table.

         p9           p11

Contact us to know more about our sailing charter suggestions.

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:: (a) Brasil | Adventure | Brazil - Central-west Region | Insider | Matueté on the road | Nature

Today we have a special guest appearance in our social medias.

Elder Key Tateishi is part of our Operations team and a real expert when it comes to exploring Chapada dos Veadeiros, one of our country’s most amazing landscapes!

Thanks Key, we loved your destination tips. :)


“It’s not a secret that Brazil has rich biodiversity, unexplored caves, surreal waterfalls… but can you imagine reaching them all in the same place?

Trust us: at Chapada dos Veadeiros everything is possible!

Very close to the Brazilian capital (Brasília), the picturesque village of São Jorge is the gateway to the Chapada dos Veadeiros National Park.


The natural beauty of the place is already worth the visit in itsel, but combined with the instantaneous sense of well being, lots of inspiration and a twist of mysticism, makes the atmosphere even more  interesting.

The scenery is so breathtaking that you’ll find yourself in the middle of a savannah or even stepping into a rocky formation that looks exactly like the ground of the Moon.


With over 80 catalogued waterfalls in the region, there are many trail options, allowing people of all ages and physical conditions to enjoy it.

And the best part is that Matueté offers an unique experience over there: the possibility of staying in a beautiful Villla with all the perks and privacy, as well as full activities program, such as yoga classes, massage, meditation and many more adventures.”

                    5          6

To have all the details and access to Key’s coolest tips in Chapada dos Veadeiros, just contact us.

*Images by Ion David – Matueté
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:: (a) Brasil | Adventure | Brazil - Southeast Region | Hospitality

This Thursday morning we had the dear presence of Rosana Takahashi, account manager of the Belmond group, for a cheerful breakfast here in the office. She shared with us the latest news about the Cataratas Hotel, in Foz do Iguaçu, a true national icon.


Even though Foz do Iguaçu is one of the most popular destinations in the country and the falls one of the 7 wonders of the world, there are still a lot of people who haven’t been to this natural paradise, with its majestic falls, exuberant landscapes, the largest bird park in Brazil and the impressive hydroelectric plant of Itaipu.


But the best part is to enjoy all of this as a guest at the Hotel das Cataratas, the only property located inside the National Park which allows exclusive access for the Brazilian walkways outside of the park hours. This makes an incredible difference in a location visited by tourists all year round.

The Hotel is delightful, with Portuguese colonial style rooms, spacious and rustic, stunning views and also a number of must-see activities such as the boat ride at the full moon, where you’ll be able to see (if lucky) a bright rainbow in the middle of the night!

                   12             13

Thanks a lot Rosana, we cannot wait to visit the Cataratas again and breathe the pure and fresh oxygen over there!


To get inspired by Foz, all you have to do is check out this video. :)

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:: (a) Brasil | *Beach | *Urban | Adventure | Art & Architecture | Gastronomy

Make sure you write them down for your next visit :)

1. The Food

Eat like a champ! Brazilian food is really yummy, not to mention the variety. Wow! Say what you like to eat and we will indicate the place. Simple or fancy. Sao Paulo is a paradise for pizza lovers, shrimps from Maranhao are incredibly juicy, the feijoada…. and what about fruits and coffee with pão de queijo from Minas Gerais?



2. The Culture

Open your mind! Our roots are a mixture of Indian, African and European blood. You can meet an afro-brazilian friend with blue eyes. That makes us unique when it comes to cultural heritage. This atypical combination has left impacts on our Music, Architecture, Sports, Fashion and even the way we communicate.

Brazilians are friendly and funny.


3. The weather

Tropical vibes! It doesn’t matter which time of year you choose to visit Brazil, you can always bring a swimsuit with you. Most of the country lies in the tropics, so it’s mostly warm all year round. The average temperature is 23ºC to 27ºC. The further south you travel, the more varied temperatures will be. During winter (June to September) the weather in Rio is similar to summertime in Northern Europe.

 Havaianas for life!


4. The Cities

Urban Citizens! Brazil is not only rainforests and beaches, no no… you will be impressed by our cities. Avant-garde, exciting and delightful to explore. Just to name a few: Brasilia (the modern futuristic capital, with architectural masterpieces of legendary Oscar Niemeyer), Salvador (the lively city boasts colonial buildings, gold-laden churches and wild festivals) Sao Paulo (the third-largest metropolis on earth) and Curitiba (one of the world’s best models of urban planning).

Come out and play.

Palácio do Planalto

5. The Accommodations

It feels like home! Places to stay that could be destinations in themselves. Rainforest lodges, charming pousadas, sophisticated hotels or private villas. You define the experience and we offer the most appropriate spot.

Because there’s no perfect trip without a perfect stay.

Angra - Villa 1 (10)

6. The Music

We got the Funk! Girl from Ipanema may have rocked generations worldwide, but despite its success, Bossa Nova and Samba aren’t the only music styles derived from Brazil. According to Caetano Veloso, the country has “an abnormal music taste”, probably influenced by the variety of cultures and ethnicities manifesting here.Chorinho, Forró, Axé, Funk Carioca, Folk… our music comes from the heart.

Be happy and go with the flow.


7. The Adventure

Take a walk on the wild side! Brazil is unrivalled for its energy, flamboyance and exotic atmosphere. It takes you on a visual journey across stunning landscapes, unusual nature and interesting lifestyles. Fear and insecurity are no longer issues to worry about, just keep an eye for sketchy situations, use common sense and you’ll be fine.

To be here is to feel free.


8. The Nature

Go Green! No way we could list Brazilian highlights without mentioning our natural exuberance. And there’s a huge list of outdoor activities to do: trek within the Amazon, kitesurf in Lencois Maranhenses, dive shipwrecks in Fernando de Noronha, explore Iguaçu Falls, gaze at birds and jaguars in Pantanal or just relax at the beach in Trancoso… so many places with so many possibilities.

Experience them all sustainably.

3 day Amazonia-90

9. The Celebrations

Party people! Yes, we have Carnaval, but up-and-coming cities are gradually drawing more attention as options for Rio and Salvador. The New Year in Brazil is also a remarkable life experience: summertime, fireworks, everybody dressed in white, jumping waves to guarantee good luck and protection. And if you like some action, Sao Paulo, Bahia and Santa Catarina got high level events that attract jet setters from everywhere. Not to mention the upcoming Olympics…

Uhhh the Olympics!


10. The Street Art

Talking Walls! Sao Paulo has become the ultimate hot Spot for graffiti, inspiring visitors from different countries to walk by Vila Madalena to guarantee some pictures. We got great artists, lots of creativity, audacity and quality. The whole city is an outdoor gallery! Besides all the cool exhibitions happening frequently.

The city is alive.


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:: (a) Brasil | Adventure | Brazil - Central-west Region | Nature

Are you in the mood to reactivate your explorer side and spend more time in contact with nature? We bet so!

Since last week, when we received Cristalino’s Lodge staff in our office, to recycle what we already know about this natural sanctuary in the south of Brazilian Amazon, we cannot think of anything else… The result of this Amazon with a little taste of Pantanal? You got all the exuberance of the jungle, with a much better chance for sighting animals! More than 11,000 hectares of ecological reserve in a rich and balanced ecosystem throughout the year.

Aerial view

Canopy tower from above II

Access may sound complicated, but it is not! Just fly to Alta Floresta (MT) and upon arrival, a short car shuttle followed by 30 minute boat ride across the river, will take you there.

boat trip at cristalino river       CL-Floating deck II-Luis Gomes

Worth to mention: the Lodge was named one of the top 25 Eco Lodges in the world, by National Geographic Traveler. We know why: expert guides that give more sense to interaction with nature, a modern sophisticated (yet very cozy) architecture, and impeccable service.

bar and bonfire

The highlight? Charming accommodations, full of perks and possibilities, like relaxing in a bathtub having the Amazon rainforest and a huge starry sky as a backdrop

Special bungalow entrance       Bathtub at private garden IV

There is so much to do there, so it’s worth to stay as many nights as possible! Several types and levels of trails, canoeing and bird watching, monkeys, plants and even large mammals.

Blue-and-Gold Macaw

How about enjoying sunrise at a high 50 meters tower? Explore biodiversity, embrace an ancient chestnut and end the day chatting around the campfire?

Tufted capuchin       133234211431212_960_544_s_c1

If you need more inspiration, contact us and be sure to take a look through our website!


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:: *Beach | Adventure | Brazil - Southeast Region | Nature

Hidden in the West side of the Marvelous City, a few desert beaches are worth the hike

If being original is the rule nowadays, these beaches are the hipsters of Rio de Janeiro. Not too far from crowded neighborhoods such as Jacarépaguá and Recreio, lies a hidden treasure, even for many locals; more precisely at Barra de Guaratiba, there are five beaches off Rio de Janeiro’s coast which are considered desert: Buzios, Perigoso, do Meio, Funda and Inferno are only accessible by treks or boats.

Being a desert beach means nothing was modified on the coast lining, that there are no signs of urban life whatsoever, no kiosks, or anything. It´s you, and nature, and hopefully the best company you can think of to help you carry food, water and maybe a beach umbrella.

All treks have the same starting point, at Guaratiba beach. After a 40min mild hike, you´ll reach a fork, one way leading to Perigoso and Búzios, while the other way will take you to Funda, Inferno and do Meio beaches. How long you will take from the fork to each destination depends on the individual’s physical conditions as well as how much weight is being carried. The easiest to get to, and first beach you will cross is Perigoso. Another 45min-walk will lead to Praia do Meio. The furthest is Inferno beach (in English, this would be the Hell beach, but the only Hell here is not bringing sunscreen), and it has an alternative trek back to Guaratiba village, about 2h walk.

For the not-so-active crowd, the boats leave from Guaratiba port, and prices may vary according to number of passengers, luggage and the route desired. But the views you will find during the treks, can’t compare. As they say, best things in life are free – and very well kept.

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:: Adventure | Brazil - Northeast Region

For some, our tracks around the rainforest or horseback riding in Pantanal isn´t adventurous enough.  For these travelers who need a very high level of adrenaline we have great news! Rally dos Sertões has opened registrations for its 20th anniversary commemorative edition that will happen from August 18th to 29th.

The Rally dos Sertões is not just a famous competition – it’s the biggest single country Rally and gives the competitors not only the emotion of the race, but the opportunity to discover an unknown reality and new landscapes around small villages of the dry Northeast hinterlands, places unrevealed for tourism.

This year edition will go throw through 11 cities, two of which are unprecedented in the history of the Rally, across five states. The cities are: São Luís (Maranhão), Barrerinhas (MA), Bacabal (MA), Barra do Corda (MA), Carolina (MA), Palmas (Tocantins), Alto Paranaíba (MA), the unprecedented Bom Jesus (Piauí) , Petrolina (Pernambuco), also unprecedented Iguatu (Cearpa) and Fortaleza (CE).

Interested? You still have a month to register at the the rally’s website. But if you can´t join the competition, you can take a look at the Sertões Series, smaller races that happen all year long. In both cases we will be happy to help you plan your trip!

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We do know some indigenous tribes that can do the rain dance to help our travelers have the perfect trip, but unfortunately that doesn´t seems to be working on the last couple of months… This year the abundant rain – or the lack of it – is getting on the way of those whiling to travel to some of the most incredible destinations in Brazil.

At the Amazon, Saint Pedro (for Catholics, the god that controls weather) has been too generous – maybe even too much. It has been raining much more than what it used to, and the Rio Negro River’s level is much higher than usual. The river is still perfectly navigable, in the case you are planning to travel in one of your yachts in the next few months – but what gets on the way is that most of its beaches are submersed, and as you can imagine, lots of riverside communities have been seriously damaged.

On the other hand, if you are planning to visit the pristine dunes and lagoons of the Lençóis Maranhenses on the next couple of months, we would advise you to take a look at other great places to go in Brazil, since there hasn’t been raining around the region. And if there is no rain, there are only a few of the biggest lagoons remaining. What is still a great view, but definitely not as impressive as it can be. But don´t lose hope! We were told that it rained yesterday, so we will keep you posted in case the situation changes!

But if you like to wait or take this weather risks, why don´t you head to the Southwest region of Brazil and check out the wetlands of the Pantanal and Bonito? Weather is perfect by now and there is a lot adventure and wildlife to be discovered. Liked the idea? Check for more info at

Have nice trip :)

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