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1 de April de 2013

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Hidden in the West side of the Marvelous City, a few desert beaches are worth the hike

If being original is the rule nowadays, these beaches are the hipsters of Rio de Janeiro. Not too far from crowded neighborhoods such as Jacarépaguá and Recreio, lies a hidden treasure, even for many locals; more precisely at Barra de Guaratiba, there are five beaches off Rio de Janeiro’s coast which are considered desert: Buzios, Perigoso, do Meio, Funda and Inferno are only accessible by treks or boats.

Being a desert beach means nothing was modified on the coast lining, that there are no signs of urban life whatsoever, no kiosks, or anything. It´s you, and nature, and hopefully the best company you can think of to help you carry food, water and maybe a beach umbrella.

All treks have the same starting point, at Guaratiba beach. After a 40min mild hike, you´ll reach a fork, one way leading to Perigoso and Búzios, while the other way will take you to Funda, Inferno and do Meio beaches. How long you will take from the fork to each destination depends on the individual’s physical conditions as well as how much weight is being carried. The easiest to get to, and first beach you will cross is Perigoso. Another 45min-walk will lead to Praia do Meio. The furthest is Inferno beach (in English, this would be the Hell beach, but the only Hell here is not bringing sunscreen), and it has an alternative trek back to Guaratiba village, about 2h walk.

For the not-so-active crowd, the boats leave from Guaratiba port, and prices may vary according to number of passengers, luggage and the route desired. But the views you will find during the treks, can’t compare. As they say, best things in life are free – and very well kept.

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16 de September de 2010

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Celebrating the New Year’s eve in Brazil with style requires forehand planning, since it’s probably the most important and disputed festivity in the country. Here are a few ideas that we recommend for your perfect New Year’s eve celebration.

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6 de July de 2010

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Considered the largest Art Deco statue in the world Rio’s iconic Christ is back after a 4 month and R$7million make-over. The viewing station where the almost 40m high statue is located is the best place for a panoramic view of the Cidade Maravilhosa.

If you or your guests are planning to visit Rio read more at:

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24 de June de 2010

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Check out some of the beautiful works by Burle Marx, one of Brazil’s greatest…

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15 de April de 2010

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Many of our travellers ask me what makes Rio de Janeiro such a ‘marvellous city’.  Of course the scenery helps, and the geographical location of the city – set between a beautiful bay with dozens of mountains covered in Atlantic rainforest surely is crucial to creating a mindblowing first impression for those who first arrive. 

However, much more than this picture perfect scenario, I believe it is the Carioca way of life that truly appeals to those who spend a a few days there.  Read the rest of this entry »

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29 de March de 2010

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The internationally acclaimed Morrinho project is the best reason to visit a favela in Rio.

An inspiring, authentic social and contemporary art project, it tells the story of life in the favela through the eyes of children who live there and interact with the 320m2 mock-up created by Nelcirlan and his mates. Read the rest of this entry »

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