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The internationally acclaimed Morrinho project is the best reason to visit a favela in Rio.

An inspiring, authentic social and contemporary art project, it tells the story of life in the favela through the eyes of children who live there and interact with the 320m2 mock-up created by Nelcirlan and his mates.

Morrinho CAM (9)

In 2007 the Morrinho group were invited by Curator Rob Storr to represent Brazil at the Venice Biennale, the most prestigious exhibition of its kind. What was once  a simple childhood game started 1997 by local youth so they could escape from the realities of violence and corruption that plagued them and their community, gained another facet and international appraise.

Within this miniature-urban-world of Morrinho (little hill) , kids act out a role-playing game with the numerous Lego-block dolls that inhabit the model, acting out  life in Rio’s favelas. Drug-baron characters have heavy chains, police are dressed characteristically and morrinho-money also has a role in this second-life.

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Morrinho soldiers

Morrinho 05








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