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    Brazil is a huge country with less than ideal air connections. Therefore you should plan for at least 4 days in each destination on average.
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    You must take into account the time of the year you are visiting since there is great seasonal variation. Visiting the Pantanal in December is as frustrating as going to a ski resort in Europe in July.
  • Beautiful beaches, the Amazon forest, football, samba, a very warm people always ready for a party, are the stereotypes traditionally associated with Brazil. Brazil is one of the most interesting countries in the world to visit for the luxury traveller of the 21st Century, where traditional luxury is forsaken for a new definition of luxury where the quest for rare experiences is what is truly valued.

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    World class hotels are as expensive as anywhere in the world, and Brazil is by no means a ‘cheap’ destination.
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    For those looking for an overview of Brazil we would normally recommend balancing between city , nature and beach destinations, according to the time available and season.
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    Yellow fever vaccination is recommended for all travellers coming to Brazil. This must be done 10 days prior to your trip.
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    Brazil has a very long coastline with beaches for any taste of traveller. We can help you choose the beaches that are right for you.
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    New Year and Carnaval are the peak season for travelling in Brazil when prices can quadruple in some places. We can help you plan a cost-effective trip taking into account price variations.
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    Weather in Brazil is usually hot for European and American standards. But in the winter months of June-August can be quite cool south of Rio de Janeiro.
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    Although greatly exposed by the media, common theft is only really a nuisance in the large, more touristy cities. We can help you minimize any kind of risk. Gladly there is no terrorism related crime in the country.
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    And finally, be aware that unlike many countries, money does not necessarily buy you great service in Brazil. You have to be nice to be well treated.