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Fernando de Noronha


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Hot all year round. This is one of the only destinations we recommend for travelers who want guaranteed sunshine during the Brazilian winter. If you are a surfer, january and february are when the waves are largest. Setember to november is when it rains least.

noronha02Any ranking of the most beautiful beaches of Brazil have at least five of Fernando de Noronha’s beaches on the Top 10 list. Fernando de Noronha is the largest island out of 21 that form the archipelago which gives the island its name. Noronha’s natural beauty is so uniquely breathtaking that the word most used by visitors to define it is: paradise.

noronha04Declared by Unesco as as Natural Patrimony of the World, a trip to Noronha is a ticket to retiring from the real world for a while and dedicating yourself to Paradise Found. The clear turquoise waters are ideal for diving and filled with marine life. Lazing on the beach of being active exploring the island, Noronha is an ideal spot from which top switch off from the world and relax.

Pousada Maravilha 002Noronha is a natural reserve with limited infra-structure away from your hotel so a choice that caters to your needs is imperative. There are no hotels on the beach in Noronha, but they tend to be strategically located and functionally charming. Few offer sea views and those that do, do so at a premium.