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Corumbau . Bahia


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Although temperatures remain warm throughout the year, the winter months tend to be rainier and windier. Summer months are ideal.

vista - siteCorumbau is a remote haven of untouched natural beauty and historic relevance in the southern part of Bahia. The Corumbau Point is one of the most beautiful beaches in Brasil and difficult access has ensured it has remained very well preserved and exclusive compared to many other beach destinations.

passarelamangue - siteThis is the place to hide away and go on boat and bike rides, treks, walks and jogs on the beach or kick back and forget about anything that lies beyond what your eyes can see. There is little a host can do for you in the region that your hotel will not happily organize, so you have complete autonomy on how you spend your time here.

There are limited choices of good hotels in the region, but the two we recommend are beachfront properties often listed as the amongst the most exclusive and beautiful in the country. They are an ideal blend between sophistication and laid back beach culture.

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