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Although the Amazon is beautiful in any season it is best to avoid the months of april-jun when rainfall tends to be heaviest. During the dry season that runs between july and november beautiful river beaches appear. In the wet season from december-june, the water levels gradually rise and the flooded forest can be explored onboard small canoes.

Foto: Floresta Amazônica - Matueté The Rio Negro region encapsulates a widely disseminated image of the Amazon, dense lush rainforest, wide spanning rivers and their local communities. South of Manaus, the murky waters of the Solimões River join the Negro, to form the River Amazon, the meeting of these waters is one of the city’s greatest attractions. The Amazon is not a destination for large animal sightings, but you will come across tropical birds, monkeys and alligators if you’re lucky, in amidst the majestic setting of the rainforest and its waterways.


For more details visit Amazonia By Matueté

DSC_8283_siteA boat offers travelers a mobile base from which to explore, permitting you move deeper into the unknown. Time spent cruising the Negro River is spent exploring life along the River and visiting local riverside communities, exploring a few tributaries, trekking into the forest and unveiling the majestic scale of the forest and beaches. Ideal for nature and beach worshippers, a trip that offers quality time with your fellow travellers.

97.TetiaroaExploring the jungle can be done in two ways, from a jungle lodge or by boat. A boat is the way we like to do it and you have a choice between regular departure cruises or a private yacht. A private yacht offers greater flexibility of itinerary as well as the opportunity of venturing to regions less visited by other travelers. There are a handful of jungle lodges in the region which we recommend as a good way to end time exploring the Amazon onboard a boat, for a couple of nights at the end of your trip.


Yachts come in all shapes and sizes. For those looking for a regional experience, choose the Yacht 5 or the Yacht 6. However, if you would like a regular departure cruise, we recommend the Yacht 2.


At the moment, there are not many world class jungle lodges in the Amazon. Our favorite lodge, located in an amazing archipelago, is 3 hours drive from Manaus or 30 minutes by hydroplane flight. Another good option is a 1.5 hours flight, near the town of Tefé.