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Winters in Salvador are very changeable and you may be fortunate to have sunny days but you are guaranteed rain. Summers are very hot (30oC).

salvador06Salvador is the berth of Brazilian religious and cultural syncretism and one of the most vibrant cultural capitals in the country. As the second most popular tourist destination in Brazil after Rio, Salvador is an intriguing blend of historic and contemporary, Catholic and Yoruban, black and white, rich and poor; the embodiment of a complex fusion that occurred between Europe and Africa, which to this day impacts all aspects of society.

IMG_4323 - siteIdeal for travellers who enjoy vibrant urban destinations with easily accessible beaches, you can spend several days here unveiling new facets of the city, the Bay of All Saints, beaches and towns in the region. Walking through the cobbled streets of the historic city centre; visiting some of the hundreds of majestic baroque churches; an African heritage tour, a gastronomy one; sail in the bay or explore the towns on the other side; there are plenty of options and a local host can tailor your days to your interests.

Villa 1 Salvador (2)You can choose from a wide selection of hotels that we define in three ways. Heritage hotels are in the heart of the historic city centre housed in classic old buildings; Boutique Hotels are either in the historic quarter or in a quaint and pleasant residential neighborhood and Pelourinho hotels are more generic yet strategically located in the historic quarter. We’ll certainly come up with something to suit your taste and needs, we suggest our favorites, tried and tested by us.