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As in most of the Northeastern coast, the winter months are wettest.

bz e pt_mar2013_1São Miguel dos Milages, in Northern Alagoas state is one of the most low key luxury travel destinations in Brazil. Its perfect beaches remain still undiscovered by mass tourism and remains one of those hidden destinations which even the most seasoned Brazil traveller may yet not have heard about. Another fantastic place in the state is the little town called Barra de São Miguel, with a beautiful beach of rock pools at low tide, great waves on the high tide and home to one of our favorite resorts in the country!

bz e pt_mar2013_4São Miguel dos Milagres and Barra de São Miguel, are perfect to combine with Recife and Fernando de Noronha island, providing a great alternative to those who already know or do not wish to go to Bahia state. The combination of small very charming pousadas, with a still sleepy fisherman’s village make this one of the hottest destinations on our list.

bz e pt_mar2013There are a handful of small but very well run pousadas in this blessed part of the Brazilian coast. There are options for all kinds of travellers – from the luxury-oriented, designer and family options, our recommendation will change according to your profile.