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Tapajós River . Amazônia


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The Tapajós is a year-round destination. It is always hot and humid and prone to rains. The ideal time to visit is between August and November when the region is in bloom. When rivers are at the fullest, instead of enjoying the beaches one can canoe in amongst the tree canopies of the flooded forest.

amztapajos12Described by Jacques Cousteau as the ‘Caribbean of the Amazon’ because of its rare ‘blue’ waters, the Tapajós region of the Amazon is still undiscovered by mass tourism and offers a more remote option for the adventurous traveller, values creature comforts. What’s special about this region is that in a relatively small distance, you will find the three types of rivers present in the Amazon basin: black waters, yellow waters and the beautiful and rare blue waters, each with its own ecosystem. This is one of the most beautiful and well-preserved areas of the Amazon.


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31 - siteCruising the Tapajós region is a perfect family holiday. The beaches are seamless, the waters warm and calm. The Amazon cruising experience is about blending, treks in the forest, exploring the rivers, lounging on the beach and visiting indigenous communities. Our private cruises carefully take into account the composition of each group of travelers in order to select the best balance for your group.

115.TupaiuA private cruise is the only way to explore the Tapajós region of the Amazon rainforest since there are no jungle lodges in the region and no regular departure cruises. It is your accommodation but also a central characteristic of your trip. We recommend a handful of regional vessels that range from a spruced up boat that sleeps 10 and is our favourite to smaller boats for the no-frills traveller.


This is a region where we currently offer only private yachts for charter. Our favorite is a regional boat with a superb crew. See Tapajós Yacht 1 below…