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Amazon private cruise | Tapajós Region |

6 days & 5 nights

This 6 day cruise takes you to discover three kinds of Amazonian ecosystems – black, yellow and the rare ‘blue’ water rivers. The cruise starts in the city of Santarém, before cruising down the beautiful blue watered Tapajós river towards the National forest where a trek will take you to areas of primary forest and giant trees. The village of Alter do Chão, with its emerald green lake and a trek up to the Serra da Piroca will allow a panoramic view of the forest.  From there, follow on to the majestic Arapiuns river, with its incredible beaches and interesting riverside communities before exploring the yellow waters of Amazon tributaries where fauna is more abundant and a chance to fish for piranhas and interact with a local community.   The trip ends at a beautiful beach before returning to Santarém.


36.TupaiuThis is the gateway to your Amazon expedition where the muddy coloured Amazon river meets the clear water Tapajós river – a breathtaking phenomenon. Board the Tupaiú boat and set off down the Tapajós River taking in the scenery around you.


nova4You will wake up in the middle of the forest – in the heart of the Tapajós National forest – one of the most well preserved areas of jungle in the region.  Visit the community of Jamaraquá – a beautiful example of an Amazonian riverside community.  Return to the boat and navigate towards the village of Alter do Chão – the largest in the region. Enjoy the afternoon exploring the beautiful Lago Verde –  “Green Lagoon” –  around the village. A special beach dinner will be served under the stars.


viagem no barco tupaiu pelo rio tapajós do dia 24 ao dia 31 de julhoStart off the day with a 45min hike up Serra da Piroca, from where you will have the most incredible 360º view of the region. Board the boat and head off towards the Arapiuns river to visit the community of Anã, well known for its sustainable development projects, Return to the boat and navigate towards Ponta Grande – one of the most beautiful beaches in the entire Amazon jungle. At night, a delicious beach barbecue will be served!


viagem no barco tupaiu pelo rio tapajós do dia 24 ao dia 31 de julhoA day to idle in one of the most beautiful spots we know of in the entire Amazon region. Choose between relaxing on the beach, swimming, canoeing, going for a forest trek or simply enjoying cocktails on your own private beach. Relax completely in the silence and immensity of the forest.


nova8Depart early from Ponta Grande beach towards Canal do Jarí. For those who enjoy wildlife this spot is ideal to notice how different ecosystems exists on the Amazon area, and also a great chance to spot green iguanas, sloths, monkeys, birds and specially pink river dolphins. Canal do Jari is also a great place for piranha fishing! Sail overnight to the Maicá Lake, for the last night in the Amazon.


amztapajos13Last day in the Amazon! An early morning cruise at the flooded forest of the Maicá lake is the best way to spot the active wildlife before the sun gets too hot – and also an excellent spot for Piranha fishing!  Enjoy the ride back to Santarém. Once back in the city, visit the local market, before heading off to the airport.

Explore the Amazon in a comfortable regional boat with 5 cabins. Fully staffed, serviced and air-conditioned, this is a charming way to experience the region, but don’t expect a luxury standard vessel. However, the crew will make sure you have rare and memorable experiences.

Who's it for: An ideal trip for families or groups of travelers who enjoy exploring off the beaten track destinations of great natural beauty and cultural relevance.