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As a result of being in the hills, winters (June, July and sometimes into August) are cold (5ºC) but days tend to be sunny and warm.

tiradentes06Nestled in the rolling hills of Minas Gerais, Tiradentes has successfully managed to develop into a tourist destination without forsaking its charm and important history. Catering to intellectuals and artisans who came to the region in search of a haven in the hills, today, the meandering cobbled streets of Tiradentes are lined with colourful buildings that house good restaurants, artisans studios and charming shops while the striking landscape holds other gems.

tiradentes10History is still the main reason that attracts first time visitors to Tiradentes, but what makes one leave feeling like you’ve stumbled upon a timeless well kept secret, is something you need to find out for yourself. Enjoy the outdoors during the day, horseback riding or walking along old gold trails and refresh yourself with a bracing plunge into one of the waterfalls. Come the end of the day, unveil the secrets along the cobbled streets in town and ease yourself into a leisurely evening laced with good food and local anecdotes.

Hotels in the region are on average in historic buildings or nestled in the hills in farmhouse style properties.