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Negro & Solimões Rivers |

5 days

This itinerary was designed for the adventurous traveller as a good overview of two entirely different eco-systems.

The black waters of the Negro river run through a more scenic landscape where there are less mosquitoes and consequently but also less wildlife.

The Amazon River on the other hand, has a less scenic landscape, but there are considerably more mosquitoes which means that this is where you will see the most wildlife, in amongst which many birds.

Since distances here are great, we will visit regions that other cruise boats will also visit. This tends to be a less exclusive experience, but scenically much more varied.

Choose between our selection of private yachts – from a rustic regional boat to a luxury yacht.  The boat chosen can dramatically change your experience from a premium luxury holiday to a more adventurous quest in the jungle.

Who's it for: This itinerary is good for families and groups of friends who wish to get a good grasp of the region and are happy spending several nights together onboard a boat.