Chapada Diamantina |

8 days

A week in the Chapada Diamantina is a trip into the wilderness of Bahia suited to travellers who enjoy the outdoors and are willing to forsake world-class luxury for unique location and experience. Trekking or canoeing through rugged landscapes to grottos, lagoons and waterfalls, you´ll discover that this is a destination of many guises and that the local culture and folklore is kept alive in the charming colonial towns of Lençóis and Igatú – the local “ghost town.” We´ve designed an 8 day itinerary that gives travellers the opportunity to fully grasp the region and its striking landscapes.

There are charming hotel options in the region and we have tried and tested the ones we suggest. Where access to a remarkable remote region means staying at a more rustic hotel, we believe the trade off is worth it for a couple of nights and in Lençóis quaint accommodation is in keeping with the town spirit.

Who's it for: Ideal if you like the outdoors and are looking forward to quality time with your family away from routine in amidst striking natural beauty.