Pantanal + Bonito |

8 days and 7 nights

This itinerary allows you to combine the comfort of the Pantanal’s most upscale and well structured lodge – Caiman Refuge with an exploration of Bonito – one of the best destinations in the country for active adventures.

The outdoor and wildlife excursions in the Pantanal organised by local guides, combined with the flotations in Bonito’s crystal clear waters offer a complete immersion into Brazilian wildlife and nature of the region. You start off in the Pantanal where the complex system of waterways explains the richness in fauna and flora. After 3 full days exploring these wetlands, you spend the next 3 even wetter, floating through the crystalline rivers of Bonito, exploring the waterfalls and lagoons in the region.

Although this itinerary is suitable for independent families, depending on group profile and objectives, we can also have one of our Private Hosts leading the trip – hosts add great value to your trip and give you the flexibility to make adaptations to the itinerary onsite. Note: If you are travelling in a group of 10 or more people and appreciate high-level cuisine, we can take a private chef to improve your culinary experience


1 to 3 - Pantanal

What you will do for the first three days in Caiman Lodge will depend on where you are located inside the farm. The caimaners, how the lodge guides are called, take care and organize different kind of activities. Some of them are: photograph safaris with professionals that will teach you to take the best shoots of animals; cattle drives; visits to ecological projects in the region, canoeing, between others.

4 to 7 - Bonito

In Bonito, you will have the opportunity to do some incredible activities. For exemplo, on your fisrt day, we recommend the most well-known adventure in the region – flotation on the Rio da Prata, the best place for this kind of activity, for its crystal clear water and  abundant aquatic life. You will have lunch near the river in a charming restaurant that have hammocks for those who choose to relax after lunch. In the afternoon, visit Buraco das Araras – a macaws refugee with 160m diameter and 80m deep. By the time you get there the light will be perfect for those who love photography.

Another option is Gruta do Lago Azul, an incredible blue lagoon inside one of the many grottos in the region. 126 meters into the earth, along slippery steps, you will reach a water log saturated with limestone forming a blue-hued lake above which are ominous stalactites formed over the ages at this important prehistoric site, where a six million year fossils of a giant sloth and a saber were found!


Caiman Refuge is the most comfortable lodge in the Pantanal. There are daily excursions with the hotel guides after which you can return to the comfort of air conditioned rooms and a swimming pool.

The town of Bonito has dozens of cheap small hotels and unstylish resorts. We like to lodge our guests in a farm, 20 minutes from Bonito where the sensation of being close to nature and away from tourist traps is greatly enhanced.

Who's it for: Ideal for independent travellers and families who have one week to spend on an unforgettable adventure in the wild, without forsaking too many creature comforts.