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Iconic beaches |

14 days

This trip takes the demanding traveller to explore Brazil’s most iconic beaches and hotels.

1 São Paulo

Experience Brazil’s most sophisticated city for 1 day with a couple of world class hotels to choose from.

2-4 Trancoso

Fly to Trancoso and understand why so many of the world’s Jet set make Trancoso their favourite beach hangout with a choice of some incredibly charming small hotels.

5-7 Corumbau

Transfer to Corumbau, one of the most beautiful and secluded beaches in Bahia and the location of two of our very favourite beach hotels in the country.

8 Salvador

One Day will give you a flavour of the country’s most ‘african’ city. Places to stay range from a converted old convent to very smar small boutique hotels.

9-10 Rio de Janeiro

no trip to Brazil would be complete with at least two days in Brazil’s most glamorous city.

11-14 Florianopolis

stay in one of Brazil’s most sophisticated beach hotels for final days of pure relaxation and bliss.

The destinations of this itinerary were chosen to cater for those looking for the very best places to stay in the country. If you are looking for great hotels, this itinerary works beautifully.

Who's it for: Sophisticated travellers who enjoy beaches and glamour and make no concessions in choosing their accommodation