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11 de May de 2010

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The Amazon is a place I have been to more times than I can remember, most of them to the Rio Negro, which due to the ease in access makes it the most visited region and the one with the widest range of tours. We are advocates of traveling through the Amazon by boat since we believe that true luxury in this region of Brazil is rooted in a flexible relationship with the wide open space. Different to what most people believe, the Amazon is not an inhospitable place.  The forest only really poses threats to visitors who are unwilling to adapt. Respecting the fact that it is a foreign environment, keeping to the guide’s recommendations and dressing adequately, has so far, kept me safe and resulted in unforgettable experiences!  What people are never ready for is how large everything is.  The Negro river, a tributary of the Amazon, can be up to 25 kms wide at some points, reaching depths of over 100 meters. The tea-like colour of the water reflects the horizon with mirror-like perfection.   All this aligned, where do we visitors stand?   Well, my favorite place to be is relaxing on one the fine-sand beaches, with several options of natural shade for when the sun gets too intense.  Swimming in the river is perfect as the temperature of the water is ideal and there is no sticky feeling after getting out, as there is after swimming in the sea.    All of this makes me feel like spending more and more time in this region, still unknown to most Brazilians and definitely, to foreigners…

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