Brazil on the news again

Publicado em 4 de February de 2011 na categoria Culture & History @en

This time it was on Charlie Rose’s talk show that Mr. Eike Batista, one of the richest people in the planet, gave an interview about his career history and Brazil’s exciting economic future.


Brazil´s Rising Star

Publicado em 11 de January de 2011 na categoria Culture & History @en

It is not surprising to see Brazil highlighted on the world news nowadays. On December 12th, 2010, a special edition of 60 Minutes, the Sunday evening CBS News show, aired a piece entitled “Brazil’s Rising Star”. Special guests Luiz Inácio “Lula” da Silva, former Brazilian president; Eike Batista, 8th wealthiest person in the world; and Eduardo Bueno, famous Brazilian journalist and writer, shed some light into why Brazil will become a key destination for any well travelled investor.


The Rio Negro region in the Amazon

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The Amazon is a place I have been to more times than I can remember, most of them to the Rio Negro, which due to the ease in access makes it the most visited region and the one with the widest range of tours. We are advocates of traveling through the Amazon by boat since we believe that true luxury in this region of Brazil is rooted in a flexible relationship with the wide open space. (more…)