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If you’re planning a escape to Brazil in our summer and want to run away from the big crowds, here are some of our favorite runaway destinations that will make you forget about all that crazy life at home…

Amazon Cruises

The Amazon is so big that no matter the season, you will always find a quiet spot – especially if you are travelling on a private yacht or regional boat with a great staff at disposal. You can choose to navigate the Negro River or the Tapajós – both great trips, with amazing landscapes and pristine river beaches.

Simbauma Beach

Sibaúma beach, in Rio Grande do Norte (northeast of Brazil), has no civilization. A 25m high red sand dune is its landmark and the 7km stretch of beach is perfect for walking. You can stay at Kilombo Villas, a hotel that is closer to a serviced community of private beach homes. Their 5 houses are very comfortable and perfectly decorated. There’s nothing around but nature and the beach, but in case you wish to see people, Pipa, a hype beach destination is only 8km away.


Picinguaba is a preserved beach at Ubatuba, a 30 min drive from the colonial town of Paraty, in between Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo. There’s a small pousada named after the beach, which has only 10 rooms, with no TV, Internet or telephone, so you can definitely escape from real life. All food served at the pousada is organic, produced on the Fazenda they have nearby. If staying there you can go for some great activities around the region, to visit the fishermen communities and the beautiful bay surrounding the area.

Barra de São Miguel

Of course the beach is beautiful, but it’s thanks to Kenoa Resort that it is on this list. Embraced on the north by the resplendent panorama of miles of virgin Atlantic outback and on the east by the turquoise enchantment of the open sea, Kenoa Resort is as wondrous as it is very private, a place where luxury is defined by its earth-given beauty. Its service is as great as its setting – it will be hard to remember any kind of problems while staying here… It’s located at Alagoas (northeast of Brazil), 30km away from Maceió, the state’s capital.


Pristine beaches and crystal clear waters – that’s what you will find at this historically important stretch of the Bahian coast. This stunning setting was the gateway for the first Portuguese landings on Brazilian soil in the 1500s. Thanks to the difficulty of access (4 hrs drive form Porto Seguro, the nearest airport, or 20min on chartered airplane), this paradise keeps untouched. Here we recommend staying at Fazenda São Francisco, exclusive 10 bungalows hotel with great service and local food.

Have a nice trip!

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8 de November de 2012 0

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We always ask ourselves – what are the best hotel rooms in Brazil? The answer is not easy, since preference and style is a very persona subject. Taking that into account, we selected 5 rooms around the country that are undoubtedly amazing, with lots of space, breathtaking views, and awarded design. You won’t even miss your home pillows while staying in one of these…

Kenoa This Eco-resort is located at Barra de São Miguel, 30km from Maceió, the capital of Alagoas State. It´s hard to choose between so many incredible rooms at this resort, but their best suite is the must – it has a heated infinity pool, an external deck that leads to the beach and a 200m² private area.

Fasano Rio Since its opening, Fasano is amongst the most sophisticated hotels in the country. Its Deluxe Suite was designed by Philippe Starck and has a cozy living room, a bar with a Nespresso machine and bathroom with natural lightening. The highlight is the amazing view to Ipanema Beach and very spacious balcony overlooking the sea.

Santa Teresa Big windows with amazing panoramic views of the “Marvelous City” are one of the highlights of this boutique hotel. The Loft suite was awarded by the Wallpaper* Magazine in 2010 as the “World Best Suite Design”. The balcony faces the Petrópolis and Teresópolis mountains and the Guanabara Bay and Christ the Redeemer can be seen from the large window.

Ponta dos Ganchos Located next to the Florianópolis Island in Santa Catarina, this is definitely one of the most charming beach hotels in the country. All bungalows are in an amazing settings, but the Special Bungalow at Vila Esmeralda deserves a special mention – with 300m² it houses a sauna, swimming pool and gym, with great views to the sea, as you can see in the picture!

Unique The name says it all. This “watermelon shaped” hotel, designed by Ruy Ohtake, is considered one of São Paulo´s icons. It´s outrageous style is reflected outside and inside the hotel rooms. The presidential suite has 312m², with a Jacuzzi on the terrace, a kitchen and an office, all decorated by the Campana brothres.

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17 de September de 2012 0

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Think about a luxury resort exclusively for you and your family for the New Year ‘s Eve celebration. Now imagine that it is settle in one of the most authentic part of the Brazilian coast, by Salvador, in the beautiful Bay of All Saints with all its mysticism and good energies for this special date. If you liked the idea, Ilha das Canas is still available!

Ilha das Canas is a private island and one of the most exclusive properties available for rent in Brazil.

Groups of up to 26 people can have this entire small island for themselves, with a 30 person staff at disposal. They are always ready to produce special events to make your experience unique, just like having a whole resort only for you and your family and friends. The island has a wide range of  water ‘toys’, such as kayaks, sailing dingy, motor boats and a 46ft yacht, that are available to bring even more fun to the experience. Take a look at these pictures to have a better idea of what we are talking about.

We also have a wide range of incredible beach properties available for New Year’s. Consult us for more details!

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25 de July de 2012 0

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Brazil is home to some of the most spectacular beaches in the world. Some of them have good hotels around, but others are so exclusive that have only private properties. We have specialized ourselves in producing seamless experiences in the most spectacular privately owned villas located in different areas of the country´s 7.000 kilometre coastline.

Very often the villas are owned by clients of ours, so you will be guests at our friends´ homes. To guarantee your comfort, every villa has a host that acts as a personal concierge during your stay, supervising the staff, coordinating shopping, planning day trips and nights in town for you, minimizing the frustrations you could have in places where you do not know the region and cannot communicate fully in Portuguese.

Angra dos Reis is one of the regions where we have the most amazing villas, and its proximity to Rio makes it an ideal destination for quick escapades from the city. It is a haven for sea-lovers who appreciate privacy and boats, with its bay of emerald-green waters that clad with islands surrounded by rainforest-covered hills. Angra is definitely one of the trendiest and most striking spots on the southeast coast of Brazil, and your experience here can be as intense or laid back as you choose it to be. Also the setting for memorable summer parties in private homes, quaint island restaurants and bars, it represents the perfect balance between a happening destination and a private hideaway.

We have many villas in the region, but there is a special one on Gipóia Island that we love – it spent some time out of our portfolio, but it is back, completely redecorated and with an excellent staff. The house has 6 bedrooms apart from the master suite and sleeps up to 16 guests and has many charming indoor and outdoor social areas, what makes it an excellent option for a family or a group of friend holidays. In addition to the villa, guests will have kayaks, a banana boat and small boats with its crew available for use. To have a better idea, take a look at these pictures.

Our private villas can also be rented for New Year’s, but their minimum stay goes up from one week to 10 days. If you wish for a shorter rental, a good idea is to rent it a little before Christmas, so minimum stay is shorter and prices aren´t as inflated also.

For more information about our Villas, contact us or check our website!

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23 de July de 2012 0

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Time has come to start planning your New Year’s holidays, and Brazil holds the reputation of being one of the greatest places in the world to celebrate it! And that is because this is not only one of our main holidays but it has a mystic symbolism that is contagious. And of course, it is undeniably an unforgettable party time in the country!

Brazilian New Year is characterized as the icon of new hope, fresh beginning and total renewal. Traditions are to everybody dress in white, the color of peace, and by the sea people give offerings, like flowers, to honor the Queen of the Sea Yemanja. And that is why for this date you must choose a beach destination. Rio is a must for anyone who wants to start the forthcoming year with style and company, but for those willing to a more relaxed environment, there are some great beach hotels in the northeast region that can be a good choice.

Rio is the number 1 choice due to the Copacabana huge party that attracts over 2 million people every year. At midnight, with the turning of the year, the fireworks display begins and lasts for about 20 minutes. Spectators on the beach and in the buildings along the Copacabana ocean avenue have different views to the spectacle, but share the same exciting atmosphere and cheerful spirit that only Rio knows how to provide.

And you are lucky that Brazilians are always late on planning… the best beach front hotel rooms are still available. Just remember that for this period of the year, there is a minimum stay of 4 to 6 nights minimum in all of them and prices are significantly higher than on regular season.

If you want to have a taste of new years in Brazil, but somewhere less busy you can chose between some of the beautiful beach resorts we recommend in the northeast. You will have the same mystic traditions, and will be able to enjoy the perfect weather of the region. Usually they have a longer minimum stay, but trust us – you will want to stay that long anyways.

Wherever you choose to go, this will be a once in a lifetime experience. Count on us to help you organize the perfect experience for you – as it is a busy season with many restrictions imposed by the hotels, it is important to plan smartly!

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19 de June de 2012 0

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We do know some indigenous tribes that can do the rain dance to help our travelers have the perfect trip, but unfortunately that doesn´t seems to be working on the last couple of months… This year the abundant rain – or the lack of it – is getting on the way of those whiling to travel to some of the most incredible destinations in Brazil.

At the Amazon, Saint Pedro (for Catholics, the god that controls weather) has been too generous – maybe even too much. It has been raining much more than what it used to, and the Rio Negro River’s level is much higher than usual. The river is still perfectly navigable, in the case you are planning to travel in one of your yachts in the next few months – but what gets on the way is that most of its beaches are submersed, and as you can imagine, lots of riverside communities have been seriously damaged.

On the other hand, if you are planning to visit the pristine dunes and lagoons of the Lençóis Maranhenses on the next couple of months, we would advise you to take a look at other great places to go in Brazil, since there hasn’t been raining around the region. And if there is no rain, there are only a few of the biggest lagoons remaining. What is still a great view, but definitely not as impressive as it can be. But don´t lose hope! We were told that it rained yesterday, so we will keep you posted in case the situation changes!

But if you like to wait or take this weather risks, why don´t you head to the Southwest region of Brazil and check out the wetlands of the Pantanal and Bonito? Weather is perfect by now and there is a lot adventure and wildlife to be discovered. Liked the idea? Check for more info at

Have nice trip 🙂

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The New York Times travel correspondent, Seth Kugel, recently wrote about his first assignment on his internet blog, The Frugal Traveler: a Latin America “summer” trip, from São Paulo to New York, visiting various wonderful destinations on a low budget. During his 13-week trip he passed by Brazil, Bolivia, Peru, Colombia, Nicaragua, Guatemala and Mexico. When it was over, Seth chose the highs and lows of his trip and amazingly (or not) picked the Lençóis Maranhenses National Park, in Brazil, as his trip’s Best Moment.

The most beautiful place in the world? I could make an argument. At the very least I’d never seen anything like it before — a desert with oases that were not only real, but so cool and clean that they could have been poured from a Brita pitcher.

Seth Kugel, The Frugal Traveler


The Lençóis Maranhenses is a large desert of sand dunes almost 20m high in the northeastern region of Brazil. These dunes dotted with fresh water crystal clear lagoons and seen from above the landscape reminds one of crumpled sheets (in Portuguese: Lençóis) – giving this alluring destination its name. This is a destination of violent winds and changing landscapes; of thresholds where mangrove meets desert, desert meets ocean and ocean meets rivers. The Lençóis is certainly one of the most unique and impressive landscapes in the country, perhaps in the world!



Still curious? Click here and find out more about this heaven on earth destination.

Source: The Frugal Traveler

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Celebrating the New Year’s eve in Brazil with style requires forehand planning, since it’s probably the most important and disputed festivity in the country. Here are a few ideas that we recommend for your perfect New Year’s eve celebration.

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Many of our travellers ask me what makes Rio de Janeiro such a ‘marvellous city’.  Of course the scenery helps, and the geographical location of the city – set between a beautiful bay with dozens of mountains covered in Atlantic rainforest surely is crucial to creating a mindblowing first impression for those who first arrive. 

However, much more than this picture perfect scenario, I believe it is the Carioca way of life that truly appeals to those who spend a a few days there.  Read the rest of this entry »

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Thereza Bracher (24)

Groups of friends and families looking for a real adventure in remote and extremely beautiful regions of Brazil and who value traveling off the beaten track, have a new tailored itinerary: Northern Adventures. Read the rest of this entry »

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