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1 de July de 2015

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We believe that a powerful soundtrack is a lovely way to get in touch with the culture, soul and vibe of a place, and Brazil is a sanctuary of musical treasures! It’s almost impossible to visit our country and not get touched by the strenght of the rhythm around here.

To get familiar with our bossa, all you have to do is click the links below to get inspired by our 11 selected jewels of Brazilian music.

It’s almost like being here… almost!

1. Aquele abraço – Gilberto Gil

Aquele Abraço is a samba written by Brazilian singer Gilberto Gil during a period of cultural censorship in Brazil. The lyric celebrate neighborhoods, landmarks, samba schools and popular culture figures of Rio de Janeiro. A beautiful classic!

2. Descobridor dos 7 mares – Tim Maia

This lively song written by Brazilian soul man Tim Maia is a contagious tribute to some of our famous beaches. Groovy 🙂

3. Aquarela do Brasil – Ary Barroso

One of the most popular Brazilian songs written by composer Ary Barroso in 1939. Due to the huge popularity achieved in the United States, the song received an English version composed by Bob Russell to Frank Sinatra in 1957. Since then, it has been interpreted by singers from almost all parts of the world. A hit!

4. Filhos de Gandhi – Gilberto Gil

Newly arrived from London in 1972, Gilberto Gil spent the Carnival in Bahia and found his favourite Carnival block – “Gandhi’s Son” – reduced to only 40 or 50 people, which inspired this beautiful song. The theme was also responsible to encourage people and rekindling the movement.

5. País Tropical – Jorge Ben

Composed by one of samba-rock legends Mr. Jorge Ben in 1969, quickly the song became a huge success just in time for the atmosphere of jingoism that the military regime was using in its advertising in the country. It simply says that Brazil is a tropical country, blessed by God and beautiful by nature… and we cannot disagree. 🙂

6. Querelas do brasil – Elis Regina

First performed by Elis Regina in April 1978, the song is a reference to “Aquarela do Brasil” and to Brazil’s economic elite that was attacking the popular culture of the country with an Americanized culture which can be perceived by verses as “Brazil does not know Brazil”.

7. Sandálias de prata – Ary Barroso

Also written by master Ary Barroso, this song from 1942 is a simple and gentle portrait of our culture: happy and fearless.

*performed by João Gilberto

8. Sampa – Caetano Veloso

Caetano Veloso wrote this song in 1965 about his first time in Sao Paulo. The way his heart felt when he crossed famous avenues, landmarks and how quickly people take in the city’s reality. <3

9. Canta Brasil – Gal Costa

This samba is considered one of the country hymns composed by Alcyr Pires and interpreted by singer Gal Costa. Talks about miscegenation and exalts the beauty of national culture. 🙂

10. Aquarela Brasileira – Martinho da Vila

And we could not miss a Carnival theme on our list, right? Aquarela Brasileira (or Brazilian watercolor) was composed by singer Martinho da Villa and was the representative song for the Imperio Serrano samba school in 1964. So powerful!

 11. Brasis – Seu Jorge

A fresh vision composed by singer Seu Jorge that explains the existence of several different and contrasting Brazils.




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