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25 de July de 2012

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One of the most desired destinations in Brazil, the Amazon, is entering its prime season as of August until the beginning of January. It is unveiling its white sandy beaches that were submerged by the large amount of rain that caused some trouble in the region this year during the months of May and June with records of high water level and flooded lands.

Of course there are many ways to discover the jungle, but one of our favourites is navigating through the blue waters of the Tapajós River that was once described by the French explorer Jaques Cousteau as the Caribbean of the Amazon, due to its amazing beaches and rare crystal clear waters.

We love this destination not only for its natural beauty, but also because it is still undiscovered by mass tourism and we have a very charming regional boat that gives the travelers the opportunity to reach distant and secluded places. The boat is equipped with a professional crew, cooking and cleaning staff, a local guide and a host that will be at your disposal to guarantee the perfect travel experience. A private chef that knows all about the Amazon cuisine can also be included to complete your cultural experience.

The Amazon is not known to be a new year’s destination, what makes it an excellent cost-benefit at that time of the year, since prices are not inflated as in other Brazilian destinations.

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